IDA – International Documentary Association is the fiscal sponsor for Mr. Maeda’s project ‘Samurai of Gold Hill.’ And as such all monies donated to the film, whether grants or private donors shall be tax deductable. Click here to view the IDA letter.

Write your check made out to IDA c/o Samurai of Gold Hill and mail it to:
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Dr. John Van Sant
Dept. of History
University of Alabama-Birmingham

Professor Van Sant is the author of PACIFIC PIONEERS: JAPANESE JOURNEY TO AMERICA AND HAWAII, 1850-1880. He is one of the foremost authorities on the Meiji Era that is covered in the film ‘Samurai of Gold Hill.’ He is very familiar with the colony from Aizu-Wakamatsu and brings his scholarly knowledge to the project.

Mr. Clarence Caesar
Project Officer Dept. of Recreation and Parks
Office of Grants and Local Services

Mr. Caesar is a historian who is especially knowledgeable about the black descendents in the Coloma, Gold Hill area. The only known colonist who had descendents was a Kuni
Masamizu. He married a black woman named Carrie Wilson, who’s father was a free slave and mother a Black Foot Indian. Mr. Caesar has presented his findings to colleges and universities.

Wayne Maeda (no relation)

Teaches at Sacramento State University. He teaches Asian American history; Ethnic studies. He was the Project director of the exhibit; Japanese Americans in the Sacramento area.. He also serves on the Aizu-Wakamatsu Preservation Committee.

Joan Barsotti – writer

Ms. Barsotti is a very accomplished writer who’s novel ‘Okei’ – a Japanese girl, is about the Wakamatsu Colony and their ill fated attempts to develop an agricultural community. His research into the colony have proven invaluable information in the development of this story.